Meet Sonja

Sonja Thorsvik

Blue Crab Yo-Yo is a fun and visual place for you to explore my photographs, connect, and become inspired.  The site is constantly evolving so keep coming back for more!

Blue Crab Yo-Yo gets its name from my life.  Although I bounce around from place to place in search of the perfect photo, I will always be attached to my home state: Maryland, known for its blue crabs.  

Visual stimulation, passport stamps, being on the water, spices, cargo ships, camping, snack cars on trains, dancing, stencil graffiti, cultural differences, and learning for the sake of learning. 



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You are so good with Katie and her attitude! Thanks for being flexible with a 7 year old’s demands! I LOVE LOVE LOVE our photos! Can’t wait until next time! Amy Lewis

Sonja, thank you so much. I am excessively happy with these two sessions. You are amazing to work with. I hope there will be more in the future!  Brad Wray

We are proud to have you and your good work associated with the park advocacy movement in Baltimore.  Chris T. Delaporte

Sonja….Thank you for capturing my lovely daughters inner beauty as well as their outer…their eyes say so much of the wonder and joy inside.  You are a very gifted and talented Photographer! I so enjoy viewing all your work.  Lillian Kammerer

Yo Sonja these pictures are amazing. When are you going to be famous for this! Thanks again.  Jake Helms

Let me be the first to say that these shots are amazing. Sonja– you’re a true professional. You rock! Thank you so much. I can’t say enough about how easy you made the shoot. You’re the best!  Dennis Robinson

You are one amazing lady my Sonja! I might be a little bias, but I think your pictures speak for themselves…I’m so glad that you have this site so everyone can enjoy your true gift.  We had so much fun running around downtown Annapolis with you, and yes it was a HOT one. Good thing the lighting cooperated in the shade. Love you!  Jacklyn Kammerer

THANKS so much for working with our family today! It was wonderful to meet you!  Carrie O’Connor Reynolds

Hey Sonja. Your photography is beautiful. I’ll be checking in regularly for inspiration. Stewart Leith

Blue Crab Yo Yo’s photos make me salivate, even after a feast!  K.C. Maher on The Veggie

Wow awesome shot! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Megan Beth on Inspector

I came across your blog this afternoon. I was impressed by your blog, its layout, and your work.   Brad Troy

Your pictures are amazing.  I love how everything has evolved over the past few years, keep up the great work and I’m sure I will be seeing more of your work.  John Lim

WOW!!!  The website is so simple & SO beautiful.  You have done a wonderful job!  I sent it to all of my favorite friends.  Deb Hoffman

All I can think about now is French toast.  Sonja…you’re photos are freaking incredible!!!  Will Carlsen on The Kitchen

Very cool. You inspire me to get my art online…Thanks!  Mike Broemer on Gray Be Gone!

Ok, seriously… You are amazingly talented. These photos are fantastic and your perspective is so unique. Shannon Kennedy on Cherry Blossoms

Hi Sonja, Thank you so much for your help!  My favourite section is your black and white section. It’s lovely!  Phoebe Mok

To staying inspired,
Sonja Thorsvik