Emirates Team New Zealand Practice

A few days ago I saw an America’s Cup boat practicing in the bay while visiting San Francisco.  Although I do not sail, I am closely woven into the sailing world, have clients who make sails, tweet for videography companies who shoot sail regattas, live in ‘America’s Sailing Capital’ – I’ve even kissed a few sailors a sailor!  You see why I had to take the shot.

Emirates Team New Zealand AC72 with its dashing red and black color scheme cuts through North America’s west coast waters during their 3rd practice day.  These boats are ‘capable of top speeds in excess of twice the windspeed!’  Watch an onboard video from their practice on the Emirates Team New Zealand Blog.  This photo is on my Instagram account too which you should absolutely follow – and people like it so let’s share some more!  The America’s Cup finals start September 7, 2013.

Americas Cup San Francisco


2 thoughts on “Emirates Team New Zealand Practice

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  2. Glad you got to see them. I was last in San Francisco just a few weeks after Oracle destroyed their first AC72 and — try as we might — there was nothing to be seen at that time.

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