SS Denebola and SS Antares

My love for big ships does make it quite easy to put your car in full reverse in the not-so-well-lit industrial area of Baltimore to get out and take a photo over a barbed wire fence.  The SS Denebola & SS Antares are 2 of 8 members of the Algol Class of Fast Sealift Ships currently under the control of the US Maritime Administration.  As former commercial containerships working from 1973 to 1981, and heavily involved in the Persian Gulf War in 1990, they could transport up to 700 military vehicles at a time. Deactivated from the Military Sealift Command in 2007, but still used today, they are now maintained in ROS-10 status, meaning they can be made ready for deployment in 10 days or less.


3 thoughts on “SS Denebola and SS Antares

  1. One my fav shots of yours to date Sonja. It looks like a figure walking down a vertical gangway between the ships towards the ocean. Left foot stride, hands in coat pockets..See it?

    • Hi Michael!
      Thank you so much! I do see it – neat! I did a survey last night after your comment to see what other people saw too. I never knew there was so much interest in photos that look like other things. I hope you are well!

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