8 Efficient Ways To Organize Your Digital Life

As a photographer I am constantly dealing with digital files, so organization is a must.  Leading a digital life can be easy and streamlined.  Every so often, go through your phone, computer, music, and photos, and organize and delete items so syncing and sharing are more manageable and efficient.

  1. Remove Phone Photos – plug your phone into your computer and download all photos.  Next, add back your “must haves” to your phone.
    Total Time:  30 minutes
  2. Add A Great Head Shot – add a great looking photo of yourself (sharp, head on, with no one else in the image, and no drink in hand) to your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Klout, etc.  Additionally, I recommend getting a Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) – an image that follows you around the web and appears when you like a comment or post on a blog.
    Total Time:  1 hour
  3. Get Album Artwork – your iTunes account has been holding your music for years.  If you didn’t have an Internet connection when you downloaded your CDs, the album artwork isn’t there.  Make sure you have an Internet connection; then simply go to your music library page.  Head to the navigation:  Advanced > Get Album Artwork.  And it will add all the album artwork it can!  After that you can sync to your devices with all the art.
    Total Time:  10 minutes
  4. Gather Your Thumb drives – whatever you call them: thumb drive, flashdrive, USB, memory stick; you probably have more than one.  Gather, delete old files, make new folders, and try to add all files to one.  Extra geek tip:  label them with your name and/or what’s on them.
    Total Time:  30 minutes
  5. Delete Email Contacts – go to your master contact list in your email and scroll through.  Your account automatically saves contacts you have ever sent emails to and you might not need them (i.e. Emails sent to support, Craigslist, online shopping).  If you have time, add people’s first and last names to each account too.
    Total Time:  20 minutes
  6. Update Passwords – it is a smart idea to update your passwords every 6 months to a year.  Sites are being hacked with increasing frequency, and you can never be too careful.  Remember, always use a capital letter, number, and letter combination for a stronger password!  Abc123 is not acceptable!
    Total time:  1 hour
  7. Unsubscribe from Email Newsletters – at the bottom of all email newsletters is an unsubscribe button.  Keep only the newsletters you like.  One, it will cut down on the emails you receive each morning and two, it gives those companies an accurate count of who is interested in their product or service.
    Total Time:  30 minutes
  8. Google Yourself – go through every page that comes up for at least 10 pages; this includes the images tab.  You might be surprised to see what comes up.  If there is anything listed or not current that you don’t want listed, try to find out whom to contact and have yourself removed.  Anyone and everyone is searched – make sure you know how you look digitally!  Tip:  create a Google alert of your name and have it sent to your inbox once a week to keep up on your digital movements.
    Total Time:  1 hour

If you don’t have time to do all of them, pick just one a day to accomplish.  I guarantee your digital life will be more efficient and secure.  Feel free to leave any other great tips for others below!


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