Snarky Praying Mantis

I think all praying mantises are snarky.  I imagine them spinning a triangle head directly at you and sputtering off sarcastic comments with blunt irony.  This brown insect greeted me on my steps this morning.  According to National Geographic a praying mantis can live up to 12 months in the wild.


7 thoughts on “Snarky Praying Mantis

  1. My name is Donna,my family cant sit outside on the porch,without spoting 3 or 9 praying Mantis,there very sneaky!and these spit.I found one in my closet when I was trying to straighten up my clothes,when one sec hes not there then bam,I see that at lease 4 inch, long,hello,when he jumped so high towards me,I try to kill him because he would not go willing!and there hard to kill i squeezed,still alive,smash,still alive they say cats have 9 lifes!I think this insect beats them all…..

    • Hi Donna! They spit?! I had no idea! I don’t see them often around here in Maryland, and was very close to this one. I hope I see one again soon, but I bet you don’t feel the same way!

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