Day Job

Benchworks specializes in the design, production, and launch of complete marketing and branding services.  For the photo I climbed up on a staircase ledge and held onto a ceiling beam.  I am always interested in hearing what my fellow bloggers do for a day job?!


9 thoughts on “Day Job

  1. Hey Sonja, I’ll go first. I post about linguistics, travel, and I occasionally take pictures. In real life, I am the director of marketing and project manager at an industrial solutions company. I am also a full time musician and composer.

  2. Reblogged this on Wit, Whim & Styled and commented:
    My lovely co-worker, who has a blog called Blue Crab Yo-Yo, took this photo of my office from above. Risking life and limb to capture the office buzzing like a bee hive. I look like I do ore during the day then just hang on the book of faces (aka Facebook) and Pintrest! Love it – Thanks Sonja.

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