Film And Disposable

On a recent tour of a photo printing company I couldn’t help taking a few snaps (yes, I asked first) of the thousands of empty film rolls and disposable cameras. The company receives around 10,000 items a week to recycle! Experienceing these shapes, color combinations, and even smells brought up so many memories of my childhood playing around in darkrooms at The Baltimore Sun newspaper and learning how to shoot pictures with film cameras I decided they needed a spot here on my digital site.  The photos were taken with my iphone:  circle of life!


5 thoughts on “Film And Disposable

      • Are you kidding me? I wanted to do that so badly! I was going to go for my eighteenth birthday with my diving instructors, but one was in a motorcycle accident and so the trip never made it past planning. I am so jealous of you right now.

          • Hi Michael!
            I put it in Pixlromatic App > Julia > Focal. And then threw it in Photoshop to adjust some of the curves. I think the lady giving the tour thought I was nuts to take a photo their ‘trash’ 🙂

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