Photo Interview With Rebecca Daniels


Number of years as a photographer? 11 years

Claim to Fame?  Am currently shooting Architecture for Architects and Interior Designers in and around San Francisco, teach undergraduate photography at the Academy of Art University, and freelance retouch for Sandbox Studios also in San Francisco, CA.

How long have you known Sonja?  10 Years

What photo equipment do you use today? I shoot mainly with a Nikon D700 but I also have a Leica M3 I’m pretty fond of.

How did you begin your photo career?  After I graduated art school in San Francisco, I decided to stay due to all the contacts I have here.  I did odds and end photo jobs, assisted and interned to gain experience.

Favorite thing about photography?  That euphoric, giddy feeling you get while you’re shooting and you know what you’re capturing is really great…it makes me feel like a kid!

Ways to land a job as a professional or freelancer?  Have a killer portfolio book.  I have custom portfolio books from Lost Luggage that I bring along to all my business meeting with potential clients, they are always impressed by the book, branding, and customs prints inside.

What is your favorite photo hanging in your house?  It’s a black and white re-print of a Historical Photograph of a steam engine rolling along the Columbia River Gorge in 1918.  I picked it up in Oregon near Mt. Hood while on a 10 day camping trip, whilst on spring break my senior year of college.

Do you prefer film or digital?  I like the look of film and the feeling of having something tangible in your hands but I love the ease of digital.

Coolest place you have taken a photograph?  Ooo that’s a hard one.  I was in New Zealand a few years ago hiking the Montana Heritage Trail in the Cascades outside of Auckland.  The trail opened up to Piha beach that has black volcanic sand.  We got there just in time for golden hour and a stellar sunset.  Even though I don’t shoot landscapes, that photo is still one of my favorite to this day.  It’ currently the background of my desktop on my computer.

How do you organize and store your photos?  I have my images well organized with a naming convention I use: R_Daniels_ClentName_Location_sequentialNumber.psd   I also like to have folders for all my clients and then sub folders with the address of the property I am shooting.  I then have sub folders for the RAW images, Working files (files that are being retouched), and then and MF folder ( Master files-photos that are complete)  This system works for me, and I am of the philosophy “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Give us some photo tips!  Show up for the light…you can’t photoshop it…seriously, no matter how hard you try it won’t be the same!

Check Her Out!


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