Kreativ Blogger Award

Yesterday, I received a Kreativ Blogger Award from Sproket Monkey of ‘Let The Adventures Begin’!  How exciting – And THANK YOU!  I already follow her and you should too!  This award is given to bloggers, from bloggers, and then you pass it on.  Us bloggers stick together.  To accept I graciously thank who gave me the award, tell you 7 things about myself, and then nominate 7 bloggers with links to their sites.  Easier said than done!

7 Things About Me:

1.  Smart Car:  I do the geekiest Smart Car wave when I pass a fellow owner on the road!  Beep Beep!

2.  Pretzels:  My Old Bay Pretzel bits from scratch will change your world – come visit me and I’ll make you some!

3.  Gymnastics:  I trained for 12 years before moving onto dance – handstand contest anyone?

4.  Pet Peeve:  Ticking clocks.  The sound makes me nuts – I am known to take clocks off walls and move them out of hearing range.

5.  Portugal:  the only country I haven’t been to in Western Europe – anybody want to go with me?!?  We can do a photo shoot!

6.  Red Meat:  Haven’t eaten it in 15 years.  Moo.

7.  Invention:  I am inventing something that will change our road-ways when there is an accident – it is brilliant.


7 Blogs I Nominate and Why:

1.  Eurolinguist – by Shannon Kennedy.  A talented musician who’s sheer determination to branch out in the world is inspiring.

2.  Megan Beth – by Megan Beth.  Wedding Photography at its best!  If you need wedding photos this is the girl to call!

3.  Honey & Jam – by Hannah Queen.  Her site single handedly changed they way I view food photography.  So talented!

4.  Remis fotohjørne – by Remi.  Young Norwegian photographer who has ‘the eye’ and who captures the world beautifully.

5.  The Island – by Stewart Leith.  Illustrator extraordinaire!  You just want to crawl inside his head.

6.  PhotoPerry – by Perry Thorsvik.  Photographer and my dad.  Because he never stops learning and creating.

7.  The BurntMap –  by The BurntMap.  His passion and awe for traveling makes you want to book a trip asap!



11 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for the nomination. I received your post in my email and I was reading it and my jaw dropped when I saw my name on the list! You made me feel so special! Thanks you! Can I re-nominate you? I always thought if I ever was nominated for something your would be first on my list!

  2. Good lord!! You have just made me somersault twice! It feels so amazing and awesome, Sonja! Thanks a bunch!
    and on the re-nominating theory, I would second Shannon, you are worth a bigger award! Thanks for making my day 🙂 Bon Voyage!

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