Lures Bar And Grille

Lures Bar & Grille in Crownsville, Maryland.  My brother, and soon to be famous videographer Erik Thorsvik, shot a video for this one-of-a-kind restaurant and I shot him:  sort of a behind the scenes from behind the scene!  More photos and the full video will be posted to his site soon – but for now let’s get you drooling.  Below we have the front entrance with their ‘Beer Sampler’, the Sushi Burger:  fresh diced sushi grade tuna with chili sauce, sea salt, and Japanese bread crumbs, and Tuna Sashimi served with wasabi and seaweed salad.  Pair with a strong beers like the 9.1% Victory Storm King Imperial Stout or the 8% Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s India Pale Ale and you will have a meal to remember.  Thanks to Chef Nick for accommodating us!


7 thoughts on “Lures Bar And Grille

      • I am so jealous of your food photography skills. I am terrible at it, but I always seem to try to do it when natural light isn’t available. Although, I’ve kind of been hating my photography lately. I guess I thought I was better than I am in reality 🙂

        • Oh nonsense! I haven’t seen your food photos – and I have stalked both your sites 🙂 Where are they??? 3 quick tips: turn your flash off, shoot in the early morning or late afternoon (the burger above was at noon and outside: not my favorite, but you do all you can right!?), and make sure you have some texture in there. Food is difficult and I am always experimenting because when you are using “just cooked” food, it starts to look bad after about 30 seconds – mamma mia!

          • Thanks for the tips! I am kind of “anti-flash” – I almost never use it. I really think my problem is poor natural lighting and poor presentation. It’s my own cooking I take photos of and so the presentation is never that great. 🙂 They were supposed to post today but I had a change of heart and set them back to “draft”. I am going to do some baking on Easter, so hopefully doing it early in the day will play to my advantage!

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