Moving On Or Catching Up

I now own an iPhone. This particular phone has a camera with higher megapixels than my first digital camera (I suppose that’s not extremely hard to believe!) So here is a test photo shot at Bridges Restaurant in Maryland. Also, this was posted using the WordPress App.


9 thoughts on “Moving On Or Catching Up

  1. I know what you mean. I just got my first Iphone last week..the camera is great. I also downloaded the free “Instagram” app. Having loads of fun with it. You can use filters & add effects to the pictures you take with your phone & upload them. People then will follow you like on Twitter if they like your pictures. You may know about it, but just wanted to tell you if you didn’t. I love it, because I have my phone with me alot more than my camera. I’m Obrienspix on there too if you decide to check it out.

  2. Moving Up or Catching On? It looks more like you shot that with a good ol fashioned film! Having lugged around the F4’s and Hasse’s forever what I love most about shooting with phones is that they are always on your person so you’re always prepared for that moment in time and you can get them in places to create POV’s you would never think of with the big old cammys. The megapixels are catching up to! Nice work

    • I know I miss lugging around my camera bag actually. Somehow it seems less ‘real’ using a phone, but I will say that the quality is great, and my shoulder doesn’t hurt as much now without all that weight!

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