Measuring In Torsk

Baltimore, Maryland.  Photo of the water level on the USS Torsk.  Commissioned on 16 December 1944, USS TORSK was built at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and was one of only ten Tench Class fleet type submarines to see service in World War II, according to Historic Ships in Baltimore.  In 1972, Torsk, arrived in Baltimore to serve as a museum and memorial.


One thought on “Measuring In Torsk

  1. If you want to see a submarine of the same era, come see the USS Ling (SS-297) in Hackensack, New Jersey. Like the Torsk, she’s a real WWII submarine, though she did not see any actual combat. She is a memorial to all those submarines that did not come back before and after World War II. If you are interested in our free newsletter, “Ling Log” email me at

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