Through Katie’s Eyes

Katie is a repeat offender:  she loves {b} as much as we love her!  This is Katie’s summer photo shoot and this time she was in charge.  When I met Katie and her mom Amy at the docks downtown in Annapolis, MD she already knew the routine and had “some great places for photos.”  As she took my hand and led the way I wondered how creative she will be all grown up?  I always love shooting Katie in her cute outfits – they bring so much color to the site and to my day.  See you both next time~


2 thoughts on “Through Katie’s Eyes

  1. Ms Sonja – it was a great time as always! I love seeing the pictures that you take of me. Even when I’m a little silly you get silly with me. I can’t wait to do it again in the fall. (Katie)

    These are fantastic AGAIN. I LOVE them. You are wonderful with kids and as you have been warned – we will be back!

  2. Katie: please do not get any taller or you will make me feel old. Have a beautiful and not-to-hot summer! Maybe Annapolis will have some new colored walls in the fall 🙂

    Amy: Thank you Thank you! I can’t wait to see you Both again~ Enjoy teaching the 5th graders 🙂

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