Norwegian Andy

Anders Thorsvik, my grandfather, loved ice cream.  When asked if he like it he always responded “the best I ever had” with a big grin.  Anders was a proud tugboat sailor in Norway and in Baltimore, MD.  Everyone in Baltimore knew him as “Norwegian Andy.”  I found this archived Black & White photograph I shot a few years ago and thought I’d share what made me smile today.


2 thoughts on “Norwegian Andy

  1. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your site while looking to make sure I spelled your grandpa’s last name right. (I did!) I loved seeing his picture. What a guy. I knew your grandpa way back when, in the 60’s and 70’s. He was my dad’s friend. Man, they knew how to make each other laugh.

    Well, today, here’s why his name came up in my house. Whenever my dad worried about money, Andy had a saying:

    “Money would be hay, Ralp.”

    How my dad loved his perspective.

    Just today, I found myself quoting him in my facebook status:
    “Downstairs A/C is blown. Replace the compressor for 2K or go for a whole new unit for 10K. I can hear the words of my dad’s beloved Norwegian tugboat sailor friend, Anders Thorsvik: “Money would be hay, Ralp.” Somehow, I’m comforted.”

    God bless.

    (My dad was Tom Clarke, he passed away in 2001. My mom is Geri Clarke, soon to turn 75. I also remember Perry and Lisa. They went to my high school in Rhinebeck back in the late 70’s.)

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    What a great story to share. Many thanks! Sorry to hear about your A/C… if your summers are anything like they are here in Maryland, your are going to need it. Andy passed away just a few years ago peacefully. Perry (my dad) and Liza are doing just great. Stay in touch. I love hearing how we are all connected and stories about my family. Have a great day~

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