Tent City

Glen Burnie, Maryland.  This area named “Tent City” used to be a thriving outdoor tented community until years ago “something tragic” happened, says Doug, a former resident.  Now the area has fewer residents but is still a community in the middle of urban sprawl.  These images are from an outing on December 23, 2009 where myself and another volunteer of Giving Back, Linda’s Legacy based in Annapolis, Maryland brought new backpacks full of warm winter clothing to the Arundel House of Hope a “Homeless Resource & Day Center & Winter Relief Intake.” One of the employees of the Arundel House, along with Doug, took us to “Tent City” so we could meet the people the backpacks were going to.  Every single person throughout the day was gracious and gave either a handshake or hug.  My hope is that these images will be used to increase backpack and clothing donations year-round for these organizations.


2 thoughts on “Tent City

  1. In these hard times we must be creative and make the best use of the resources we have left. We have to think of the native American Indians and how they lived. In Tents ,…yes in tents! Not only that but they also moved camp to camp, following the buffalo as they migrated. Wasting nothing and relying on all there resources. Then we came in on our ships forcing the Indians slowly off there native grown and killing them in the process killing them in the war. We had a lot too learn from them and look at us now. We are getting our paybacks, we are living in tents, huts, boxes, tarps of every color, and sometimes even living under umbrellas and serand rap! Don’t forget if you can’t duck it, fuck it, type homes are the way people are living! If we must live like the Indians why not live the Indian life style and take the time to get to know your neighbor. Why not we do have jobs to do all day, nope not anymore! Beside you never know he might have a cup of sugar that you need to make your coffee sweet. Because fake sweet anything gives you cancer. Please be weary of pop and soda number one suspect of cussing weight gain. The list goes on,…so what can we eat one may ask? Hears a Idea lets, live in tents and help each others neighbor grow food like the Indians, work a farm like Old Mc Donald and not living off Fast Donalds. The war is here on earth, yes its here. The war for our survival, you say I’m nuts, all show you nuts,…I’m going to take you on a two week vacation to tent city. I’m going to posted videos on you tube of the native life in a tent city and I plan to move from one camp to an other every few days migrating just like the Indians. But why do the people of tent have to move? Because some camps are against the law, frist they give you a tickit and then you have to move to another spot or you get sent to jail.
    I want to make a point to all of you sitting at home please help tent city,…there is no number to call,…no web site to read,…tents city is just down the block or maybe four or five blocks away. Find away to help,…or one day you could be in a tent. I was homeless and I was only 21 years old, but I was lucky and many people helped me. I would have never beat this poverty if it was not for the help of others! Now because I am standing strong I want nothing more then to help the ones that helped me. I am going into tent city, I want to see what its like. To hear the stories of the good and bad times but also to dream of better days maybe under a tree. I want to take you there,…I’m not scared of change and I learned to live life as it is, day by day. My Name is Rachel Stupper and I’m glad to meet you.

    Poem Wrote By Rachel Stupper

    World of today

    I don’t have the words to explain,
    What’s going on in this world of today.

    Will tomorrow be a better day,
    Some can hope, others will pray,
    The sun can shine thru any shade of gray.

    So smile on, and let it lighten up your world,
    Just know it can warm the coldest of hearts,
    And lift the spirit of all that pass your way.

    Tears of rain to start a new day,
    Let the sun shine thru to flowers of today.
    So shine on your smile, and let it lighten up your way.

    Walk past like the wind,
    And don’t dishearten at all that you see.
    Just smile on thru all the gray that comes your way

  2. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Thank you for shining a light on the forgotten poor with your camera and your words. I think it also could be said that “a good deed is worth quite a few sermons”. Keep up the good works!

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