Kammerer Sisters

Sisters, Jacklyn and Julie Kammerer, here together on a photo shoot in Annapolis Maryland.  These two were fantastic troopers-the hot summer heat tried to get the best of us, but we pressed on.  The session was effortless because of their great style mixed with the funky side streets of Annapolis. Thanks for keeping such great attitudes and making me laugh the whole time ladies!


5 thoughts on “Kammerer Sisters

  1. You are one amazing lady my Sonja! I might be a little bias, but I think your pictures speak for themselves…I’m so glad that you have this site so everyone can enjoy your true gift 🙂 We had so much fun running around downtown Annapolis with you, and yes it was a HOT one. Good thing the lighting cooperated in the shade. Love you!

    • Jacks your so sweet. You and Julie are so lovely and easy to work with. I loved that your funky fresh style comes through in the photographs. The site has had a record number of views after I posted you two-no surprise there! I hope your family gets to see them and have them forever 🙂

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