Luzern Chapel Bridge

Luzern, Switzerland.  Luzern is home to the oldest wooden bridge in Europe:  The Chapel Bridge.  And the restaurants along the water are marvelous!  You simply must go!


130 thoughts on “Luzern Chapel Bridge

  1. Hey Sonja,

    I was talking about you and laughing my ass off at an old story the other night and caught myself thinking of you over a cup of coffee and researching a vegan dish for a friend today. thought Id drop you a line.

    I think you have come a long way from the first time I looked at your pretty little site here. I look forward to hopefully seeing you again someday and having our powers combined! Ill cook while you shoot! Please keep me in mind whenever you find yourself lost on the left coast. I have very fond memories of our travels and have always thought of you when telling about them.

    I hope all is well with you, my family is well and my career is getting rolling as a new chef in Los Angeles. It’d be a pleasure to see you again and catch up after our long hiatus.

    Be well and stay good!

    Jae Murvine

  2. Jae!!! What a nice message / surprise to hear from you my long lost friend 🙂 I am shooting more food photos now and love everything about it… so when my wanderings take me your way we must do a shoot. Open a restaurant too – I’ll do your menu. You and your family have an open invitation to visit the right coast as well – Peace. Hope to see you soon! (p.s. I do wonder what story made you laugh so much – I can only imagine!)

  3. Hello,
    I am always amazed each time I go to Luzern (which happens more than one would think since I married a gentleman from Luzern) what a postcard scenery this is!
    You certainly captured a beautiful light on the bridge; did you stop by Bachmann to try one of their great Grands Crus truffle?

  4. Looking at the gorgeous photo above, Luzern, is definitely in the agenda for 2012. Thank you for sharing this amazing photo for us to enjoy.

  5. I’ve been to Luzern and it is a very beautiful place. There are swans everywhere in that city. I bought a Swiss Army knife in the tower on that bridge.

  6. I’m intrigued: this is a 2009 blog post. I thought Freshly Pressed meant at least within this year/this month!

    I marvelled Chapel Bridge’s medieval or later paintings when we were at Lucerne nearly 20 years ago. But understand there was a major fire. What has happened to those paintings, since it was a wooden bridge?

    • Hi Jean – well I don’t pick them I just post 🙂 I put the photo on my home page rotation this month so perhaps it was pulled from there. And yes, the bridge was built again in 1993 to replicate the original after the fire. Would love to know about the paintings too…

  7. I lived in Switzerland (Lugano) and visited Lucerne and the chapel bridge. Loved the city and the sites there in general! Wonderful photo! I wish I had gotten a picture from this angle.

    • Cafe Hugs Huh – great name. I wonder what you ate there. I remember a cafe with the most delicious bread that you had to go and cut a piece from the loaf yourself near the kitchen. Yum.

  8. You just made me home sick, I did a youth exchage to switzerland in 2008 and have been wanting to go back ever since.. I Love Switzerland 🙂 Thank you for igniting my memories

    • Hi Nicole- I’m so happy to hear you did a youth exchange! I also did study abroad a few times and worked at universities for it as well. So glad you shared your thoughts: Best~

  9. My husband and I moved back from living in Luzern a little over a year ago and your photo brings back such fond memories. There wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t marvel at the beauty of the city. To answer the question about the fire: As I understand it, the Chapel Bridge got its name for once being attached to the chapel close to the Altstadt side of it. When the bridge was detached from the chapel, the paintings hanging in that portion of the bridge were removed and stored. As you walk along the bridge, you’ll notice two types of paintings. Some have serious smoke damage (these were there at the time of the fire), others look perfect (they were paintings taken out of storage to replace the ones destroyed in the fire).

    Stunning photos–congrats on being freshly pressed!

    • Thank you for sharing! I remember getting lost more than once (even with the map) and every corner had a different piece of art or architecture to look at. What an interesting city – can’t wait to go back.

  10. I wish you told about all the pictures inside the bridge and the section of it that caught on fire. As an old bridge it really has a story to tell. *Sigh* I miss CH.

  11. I love this bridge, along the inside of the bridge are paintings from biblical stories….but all the characters are skeletons! Great restaurants in this city as well.

    • Hi: I sell larger prints for about $100 USD. If you are local I can frame it as well: but I often find people have a very particular frame style so I leave it up to them. I have a few prints that are 11×16 and they fill a wall nicely. You can email me at for more details 🙂

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  13. I love it. The water looks so blue. And although you can tell there are numerous individuals on the bridge it looks peaceful and calm. Would love to travel to Europe and visit some of these wonderful places. In the meantime, I will enjoy the digital view.

    By the way, you should probably make a canvas out of this and place it on your home. I’d bet it look gorgeous.

  14. Your summary about the Lucerne Chapel Bridge is short and right. Living not far away form Lucerne, I enjoy regularly sitting next to the river, watching the water flowing by and looking at the bridge, the old town, churches…
    Kind regards from Switzerland Heidi

  15. Hey awesome snap! The number of shades in the water is remarkable! I’ve been there, but I didn’t know that it was the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. Now I can brag some more 😉

    • Brag Away! And yes, it was just a simple ‘snap’ and it thrills me that all these people have such great responses and dreams: all from a single second in time.

  16. Switzerland! Europe!-They are in my dreams and goals to visit in the future. Your photograph is remarkable-the details, colors and everything about it is so natural and exceptionally clear-amazing. I can feel the water on my fingertips…I can feel the sun shining on my face…I can hear the sounds of my feet stepping on the bridge…I can taste the marvelous food sizzling on my tongue. Thank you for sharing. I am sure you had a fantastic time/trip.

  17. Swizerland is a beuriful country! Have never been there but I sure would like to some time. This photo is very inspirational!

  18. Lucerne is such a beautiful city. I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days there in my back-packing adventures just after college. Although I visited 30 cities, Lucerne stood out as one of my favorites. It’s quaint, quiet, peacful, clean, friendly, and charming (really just put any positive adjective in here…) Being a car guy, I loved seeing a 1963 Lincoln Continental rolling through across the bridge near the train station as soon as I stepped off: welcoming me by saying “Hey, we like your style friend.” There is something about a big classic American car (one with as much style as the iconic Continental espescially) in a foreign country that makes me proud to work in the auto industry in America! Although I hope you don’t have too many of our beastly relics, they are loud and polluting, and I’d hate to take away from the Swiss beauty, but everything is ok in moderation!

    • Hi: This too was taken on a mini-backpacking adventure! My camera bag weighed as much as my rucksack. As soon as I crossed the bridge a blue and white VW van motored by, and since that is more my style, I felt the same way you did! Ha. Thank you for sharing and I like your site/blog: glad to see everything in once place.

  19. Hope you don’t mind me following your site, I’m new to blogging and photography and your site gives me some inspiration…I have been to Luzern several times myself and cannot stop starring and the running waterflow a bit furthur back from where this image was taken.

  20. Usually I don’t read post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, quite nice post.

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